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Fact sheets

I have recently updated these fact sheets. They are all printer-friendly pdf files

Some of them contain colour illustrations. If you wish to print them in black-and-white, set your printer preferences to ‘grayscale’ before printing.


Solitary Bees in Your Garden
Background info about solitary bees, and info about several distinctive solitary bees you can look out for in your garden, what plants to grow to attract them, and where to submit sightings on-line.

Bumblebee Basics
Basic Facts about the bumblebees in your garden

Gardening for Bumblebees
About garden flowers that are favourites with bumblebees.

Flowers for Moths
About garden flowers that will attract moths, with some extra info about moths and where to find out more about them.

Herbs for Pollinating Insects
A list of aromatic and culinary herbs that are favourites with pollinating insects.

There are more lists of pollinator-friendly flowers on the planting for pollinators page.


PDF versions of web pages

The following pages from this website are available as printer-friendly pdf versions:


How to Make and Manage a Bee Hotel

Flower Shapes

How Insects Feed from Flowers


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